We combine our visual imagination and digital graphic techniques to give videos the professional touch.




Video Enhancements

To make a video truly eye catching we can digitally dress it up, using personalized design through computer graphics to give additional character to your video. Our creativity and taste will make videos stand out and appear instantly recognized as your own by viewers. One example of our past work on this is the Elle TV Changmin Series where we took popular Korean musician and added digital animations of him to every segment of the series, making them easily recognized as a continuos thread.

Full Computer Graphics Animations

With CG the possibilities are endless and whole worlds can be created from scratch. It can be used a a strong didactic power as well. For example two very different ways we have used CG in the past that respectively convey these two strengths include our companies video for the 2011 New Year that showed our international identity by taking viewers through a digital tour of the world, and our AJM Conseil video that used  CG to break down customer service strategies.