The Peugeot 308CC launch : a hands on product presentation. Peugeot invited both staff and journalists to try out first hand the new Peugeot 308 CC. VideoSolutions was there to shoot test drive footage and collect professional impressions.




Show what your product can do.


There is no better way to present your product than to show it in action. With a casual drive in the hills of Karuizawa, Peugeot chose the perfect setting to demonstrate the qualities of it's new vehicle. The casual, free and independent atmosphere from these shots corresponds fully to the brand's image in Japan.


Get reactions from people who matter. 


The large numbers of Peugeot vehicles on the road also felt like a demonstration of strength. A feeling of belonging that the brand encourages with it's Peugeot Club activities. The choice of the speakers to present and analyze the new 308 CC is another important part of the pre production. Professionals to whom the viewers can relate and who are not directly related to the brand. Presenting an outsider's favorable opinion is often the key to taking your audience to the next step.


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