Target, Goal and Broadcast

When making a product presentation video we consider three main questions : target, goal and broadcast. We define in close detail the target that the video is aimed at. Age, gender, income, expectations, these are all factors which will help us set a tone and rhythm to the video. The goal we seek, wether it be brand awareness, knowledge sharing or sales reinforcement, will define the contents of the video. Finally, we study the different broadcast options available from retail locations to mobile social media and this will influence the final format and length of the video.

Find the right combination

These three elements combined result in an infinite number of possibilities. The T-fal MiniPro food processor was an atypic product which needed in depth explanations to the japanese customers. The resulting video was an elegant and technical four minutes video displayed on shelf right next to the product. For the Citroen DS3 Launch, Citroen organized a press conference. We sent out a video the following week to the press highlighting the key attributes of the new vehicle as a reminder for them but also as contents to be added to the digital articles. 

Our focus is to provide our expertise as video makers to help you achieve your main yearly objectives. We elaborate a video from beginning to end to help you boost an end of life product or launch a new one. We make your marketing challenges our own and add intelligently designed videos to your mix.

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