Braven Speakers : a product that demanded a visual demonstration. How do you explain that your product is water and sand proof ? You show them!



A visual demonstration.


Videos reach much farther than words, and they also catch the eye of passers by. When your product is lucky enough to have a visually compelling asset, there just has to be a video in the mix. It was the case with the Braven speakers. Portable speakers designed to resist both water and sand, a must have for the summer. While the production couldn't take us directly to the beach, a simple studio demonstration proved to be enough.


A multi usage video.


While the video was greatly efficient on shelf next to the products, it also proved very successful on the local website. These practical demonstrations always serve their purpose on multiple platforms, looking at there best both on site to bring attention to the product and trigger consumption, and online to give a complement of information for the interested or a hands on demonstration to the skeptics.



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