T-fal MiniPro food processor launch in Japan

The launch of the MiniPro food processor was an important event for T-fal in Japan. We were facing a real challenge: how to market a product local users are not familiar with ?



Preparation and setting

We worked with the T-fal marketing team to script a tutorial video that focused on daily use of the product. For each technical specificity of the MiniPro we found a concrete use through a successful recipe. We selected a food expert with a strong experience in consulting for television dramas and transformed the in-office T-fal kitchen showroom into a shooting studio.

Shooting and post-production

In a single day we shot all the footage we needed from the recipes themselves to the product shots and particular attributes we wanted to demonstrate in the video such as the design and weight of the MiniPro. During post production we created a 3D reproduction of the different elements composing the product to emphasize the technical know-how behind the brand.


To maximize the effectiveness of the video, it was was displayed in shops next to the product. The choice of music and the edits in volume changes were made so as to attract the attention of shoppers.

This video proved an efficient sales tools in being both an attraction in shop and an informative display for local customers unfamiliar with the product. 

The Braven On Shelf video is another example of in shop display. Feel free to contact us for more information.