Wether it be subtitling, dubbing, editing of length or insertion of images or animations, we work with you to deliver the right message to the japanese market.

 We use a variety of tools that allow us to work on any form of material that you may have, from designs or photographs to videos. The company Yummy Dough for instance, asked us to edit an entirely new video for in shop displays based on footage shot in Germany for the local TV ad. The japanese voices and text that were added as well as a full customized edit resulted in an amusingly illustrated explanation of a product the japanese market was unfamiliar with. This had an enormous impact on the sales points but also helped to get the products on the shelves by making negotiations with distributors much easier as well.

New ways to use your old videos

Adaptations are meant to make your information accessible to your audience through the media that fit your communication the best. For example, the Peugeot brand in Japan has launched an entirely new experience for their shop visitors by equiping their sales staff with ipads. The all new Peugeot iPad application displays car specificities, virtual tours, and direct registration forms. To make the most of their sales tool, the marketers at Peugeot decided to add a video for each of their models showing the vehicles on the road. An efficient way to encourage the visitors to take a test drive. This is why they asked us to edit the long demonstration videos that they had from France into short thirty seconds dynamic clips that could be viewed quickly in shops or on their website. An extra tool for the sales force, and some added contents for the website.

See more local adaptations case studies here.

VideoSolutions can work with any of the material that you may have. Give us a call to see if we can get this material to do what you want it to do.