Living up to the standards of an internationally acclaimed brand. 


Elle magazine is one of the most renowned fashion magazines in Japan. Along with it's specialized wedding, girl and cooking editions it reaches a widespread audience throughout the country. To answer one of paper magazines greatest current challenges, the digital market, the Lagardere group turned to us to produce their web TV.


Stay true to your identity


Elle has a strong and established identity that has proven successful around the world including Japan. To preserve this we turned to content already displayed in the groups' other local web tvs. Videos that needed only slight edits or the insertion of japanese captions such as fashion catwalks from famous designers or interviews. Those were the shared contents present all around the world


Create exclusivity


While these brought to Japan existing contents, our efforts quickly focused on exclusive videos adapting concepts from other local Elle endeavors. As with any contents creation task, categorization is a key. Breaking up creation into identifiable sections and the development of recurring series gives clarity and familiarity that helps viewers understand and connect with your contents. For example we launched a series of beauty videos using local japanese make up artists with a specific aim at asian skin needs. Video covers of photo shoots for local artists and models or international super stars during their stay in Tokyo were also a popular category


Our work on the Peugeot App is another illustration of these principles. Feel free to send us an email to continue the conversation.