Yummy Dough


Adapting a TV CM into an on shelf product support. Yummy Dough is a family owned award winning product looking to grow on the japanese market. We dug into their european footage to give them the reach they needed on our local market.





Define your needs


Being an edible play dough, Yummy Dough needed some explanation for it to be attractive to consumers. Though the name in itself did it's part of the job, the production of a video was chosen to grab consumer attention and convince them to take that buying step. Having a video on shelf next to the product also brought the attention of passers by more than a simple flashy display.


Adapt to your market


While the footage and visuals were already given to us, we had to insert the specific japanese designs over existing footage such as the packaging in itself. The designs in themselves were made following a study of japanese trends among children and parens.

The audio was where we were truly free to adapt to the japanese market. We selected a voice actor specialized in japanese anime voice acting to call to the audience with a familiar voice.



Achieving a familiar feel while preserving a brand's identity is what we work on with local adaptations. Check out our other case studies or send us an email to discuss it directly with us