Press conferences are meant to gather around your brand people who's voice carry far. When they leave your venue, they have to take away as many positive impressions as possible. We believe that we have helped Saint Louis International achieve this for the launch of their beauty care product lines.


Give professionals the contents they need.

The Saint Louis International product launch press conference was one among others for the journalists and trend setters present. Until the following morning when they received links to videos they were happy to use. The first was a complete recording of the entire conferences that were made. All the information and specific quotes were available to them to facilitate their work process. 

Broaden your audience.

On top of that, a video resume was also sent on that same morning. With an exclusive message from the company manager and health experts, the video was more than a full recap of the highlights of the event. This video was used by web journalists to illustrate their articles and attracted an audience that could not have been reached without the video support.

Even though it required a very fast delivery of the video edit, the effort and exclusiveness of this action was very much appreciated by both professionals and beauty fans alike.

If you are interested, have a look at the specifics of the productions for Valrhona and Longchamp, or contact us for more information.