Build communication material from your event.

An event is meant to gather the people who matter around your brand. Wether they be key accounts, journalists, special club members or a wider public, they all gather around you for a few hours or days at the most. The follow-up of the event is as important as the quality of the event in itself. Sending out a DVD with footage from the event with guest interviews as well as an exclusive personal note from your president or staff is a special way to show these people how important they are to you. For example, Peugeot decided to shoot their three day 308CC Test Drive session in Karuizawa and to send out a 30 minutes dvd to all who were present as well as to the shop managers who were unable to come. While it was not planned for at the beginning, the majority of the managers decided to broadcast the video in their shop during the first 6 months of the 308CC appearance on the japanese market.

An event will bring attention to your brand, make sure that your key message is put forward.

The follow up of an event is the perfect opportunity to strengthen the link with your followers. Your video will be viewed by a wider audience than the one who attended the event. Your video is meant for them. More than a simple event report, what extra message can you send them ? For example, during the Longchamp Flash Shop opening event in Omotesando, we included a presentation of the in-shop bag customization system by the shop designer. This feature was a first in a Longchamp shop and the opening event video was a perfect occasion to make the Longchamp followers aware of it. 

The speed and flexibility of shooting and editing today allow us to adapt to any demands and we have worked on special deadline requirements for clients such as Valrhona or the French Embassy in Japan. We love to work with our clients to find the most appropriate way to use our video tool to make an event more than what it already is. Don't hesitate to contact us for a talk or to have a look at some of the ways we turned event videos into marketing videos for our clients in the past.