The opening of a flag ship store on Tokyo's prestigious Omotesando is always something special. The video report of the event was bound to draw a lot of attention. We believe that we have lived up to the expectations and more.



Convey your brand image

Gathering fashion professionals and celebrities around your brand is a key moment. We strive to capture that moment and share it with your followers. The highlights of your event reflect the essence of your brand and they must be selected and presented in an appropriate way. A thorough preparation of the shooting has allowed us to achieve this with Longchamp.

Pick your message

As a trendy occasion that attracted specialized media coverage and a lot of bloggers attention, this event provided an opportunity to coney a unique message for all of the brand's followers. The differential point of the new Longchamp Flash Shop was the possibility for customers to design their own personal hand bag directly on site. Through an exclusive interview with the store's designer we were able to provide insight on this feature without breaking the glamourous atmosphere of a fashionable party.

Message and brand image are themes that we also tackled in the Valrhona and Saint Louis International productions. Do not hesitate to contact us to continue the conversation as well.