Valrhona Coupe du Monde

The Valrhona pastry world cup is the most renown event in the field. We are proud to have covered all editions of the japanese team selection held every two years since 2010.



Quality beauty

The Valrhona Coupe du Monde de la Patisserie rewards the most creative and talented pastry chefs around the world. The result of their work is a breath taking form of ephemeral art. The video account of this event has to preserve the beauty of the chocolate, sugar and ice pieces but also convey the atmosphere of urgency and competition that fills the rooms. We believe that our work on color and tempo has achieved both goals in this video.

Timing and flexibility

The competition spreads over two days and the winners are announced during a ceremony on the following morning. The video account is broadcasted during the ceremony giving us very little time to edit the footage. Sustaining the quality of the final product requires timing and flexibility. With this pacy event, we are put to the test every two years.

The Saint Louis International production is another production that required a rapid delivery. You can also have a look at the Longchamp Flash Shop opening video for more events coverage, or contact us for more information.