Mag Isover is a local japanese branch of the Saint-Gobain Group. Like many foreign multinationals they must present their global achievements to the local market in order to make up for the lack of recognition that they are confronted with. Mag Isover achieved this with a series of in depth videos destined to their potential partners and resellers across the country.



Highlight your strong point


Every company that succeeds in Japan has a strong point that differentiates it from other brands on this very mature market. Conveying that strong point efficiently is where we come in. We structured information and footage gathered from Saint Gobain's home office to give a 3 minute account of the brands' achievements and philosophy, recording audio in english and japanese for the video to be used in any situation that could come up.

Adapt to your market


With the design of mascot characters by a famous japanese artist, Mag Isover localized it's brand identity to fit in on the market. With the recording of japanese voice actors in the purest japanese anime style, we strengthened the localization of the brand. The entire audio track including music and voice recordings were made or hand picked in our Shinjuku studio.

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