Who Are You?

One of the first steps is to determine what your companies appearance should be to best meet your goals. Do you want to appear technical, practical, socially involved, convenient, a combination of multiple variables, all these are questions to consider and important steps to take. This lays out and organizes the aspects of your company visually so staff and clients alike can see your personality, image and gain a greater understanding of what you do and how you do it. For example we created a video for AJM Conseil using animations to show in a concise and visually informative way that breaks down how the company can help customer teams perform to their full potential.

Who are you Speaking To?

Wether you are speaking to an internal audience or a market that you are not directly familiar with, a clear and intelligently made visual can make all the difference in your companies presentation. An example of this is the video we created for Orange Labs where a narrative approach was utilized and a day in the life of company member Asako was filmed from morning commute to arriving home after work, a more creative way to show what the company and its employees would be doing on any given day presented in a format with wide appeal. 


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