Orange Labs is a specialized entity of the France Telecom Group with offices dedicated to discovering and encouraging innovation around the world. As all specialists, they face the daily challenge of explaining their task to potential partners and other entities of their worldwide organization. Understanding their challenges and finding the appropriate format to address them was a big part of our production.


Identify your challenge


The first question we ask of our clients is "why are you making this video"? What do you hope to achieve with this video? This makes us work together to find the correct challenge we are addressing. With Orange Labs we wanted to show both internal and external partners why they were based in Tokyo and what their daily work was about. With this key challenge identified, we were able to suggest the appropriate video format to address it. In this case it was a fictionalized account of the daily journey of one of their employees.


Fiction is fun


We prepared for this shooting as we would have for a fiction short film. Writing a script, finding the right actor and locations, gathering props and making our schedule according to lighting on site for exterior shots. Turning to a fictionalized version of Orange Labs' daily work allowed us to highlight the various key points identified to address our challenge while making a pacey with a strong focus on Tokyo's highly innovative environment


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