This sales coach brand servicing multinational companies around the world has an impressive technical know how. VideoSolutions emerged itself for the better part of four months in the depths of the coaching industry to produce over a dozen tutorial videos on the services provided.


Structure your offer


The impressive amount of specific services offered by AJM Conseil called for a concise and easy to understand structure for high end customers. While managing the entire digital communication of the brand, VideoSolutions was an external advisor on which the sales team could bounce off ideas. The copy writing of the scripts was an opportunity for AJM Conseil to define and structure the contents of its services.


Take full advantage of animation techniques


For these productions we turned to animation and voice over to express complex concepts on screen. The precision and endless possibilities of animation techniques gave us the means to achieve simple and clear descriptions of coaching and marketing concepts, while a close attention to movement and rhythm ensured the entertaining element all videos should have . The uniform visual identity designed by VideoSolutions also contributed to the brands recognition among its business prospects.  


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