AJM Conseil

This sales coach brand servicing multinational companies around the world has an impressive technical know how. VideoSolutions emerged itself for the better part of four months in the depths of the coaching industry to produce over a dozen tutorial videos on the services provided.

Orange Labs

Orange Labs is a specialized entity of the France Telecom Group with offices dedicated to discovering and encouraging innovation around the world. As all specialists, they face the daily challenge of explaining their task to potential partners and other entities of their worldwide organization. Understanding their challenges and finding the appropriate format to address them was a big part of our production.


Mag Isover is a local japanese branch of the Saint-Gobain Group. Like many foreign multinationals they must present their global achievements to the local market in order to make up for the lack of recognition that they are confronted with. Mag Isover achieved this with a series of in depth videos destined to their potential partners and resellers across the country.